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EuroMillions Lottery: How to Play, Buy a Ticket and Win the Jackpot


Every player, experienced or new, has heard of the international EuroMillions lottery, which held its first draw back in 2004. Its huge Jackpots, an incredible number of prize categories, and exclusive Superdraws will not leave you indifferent. See for yourself!

How to play EuroMillions?

Even though the game takes place in two rounds, the rules are extremely simple and straightforward. First, players choose a combination of 5 numbers from 1 to 50, and then — 2 more additional numbers from 1 to 12. The second round of the game ensured the existence of nine prize tiers. However, even if you don’t match any of the extra balls, you still have a chance to win a prize in the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth categories.

EuroMillions prizes

Each player in this exciting lottery has a chance to win a prize in one of as many as 13 categories, a record number of prize divisions. To hit the minimum prize, you only need to match two main numbers. The second category prize, in turn, often exceeds € 50.000, so the winners don’t leave disappointed! Jackpots are also striking in their amounts: they are drawn from the minimum € 17.000.000 mark and increase until they reach its limit. Until recently, the maximum Jackpot of the game reached 190 million euros, but now this mark has moved upward. Now, the limit for the EuroMillions Jackpot is € 250.000.000. An extremely generous lottery!

EuroMillions Superdraws

Superdraws are an incredibly special event that only takes place a few times a year (usually two to three times). When enough money has accumulated in the EuroMillions Reserve Fund, the organizers will host these exclusive draws. Every EuroMillions Superdraw player has a chance to hit the 9-figure Jackpot and tons of other incredible prizes. If no one hits the main prize, it rolls over to the next draw and increases until it reaches the maximum amount. When the Jackpot reaches its maximum, it gets drawn in five more draws. If for the fifth time no one manages to scoop it, the prize pool of the main prize gets divided between the winners of the secondary-category prizes, and in the next draw, the Jackpot rolls back to its minimum amount.

EuroMillions Winners

Winning the top prize in EuroMillions is not an impossible task. Throughout its existence, this game has turned many people’s lives and has provided some of them with such incredible amounts that they never had to think about work again. Who are these lucky winners? Quite ordinary people:

1. € 200 million — this record was set as recently as December 11, 2020. A lucky player from France, who chose not to reveal his name, hit this considerable amount when it was drawn for the third time already. For the first time in the game’s history, the Jackpot that was won has exceeded € 190 million.

2. € 190 million — this amount has been won three times by now. In 2012, it went to Gillian and Adrian Bayford from the UK. At that time, the amount became a record EuroMillions Jackpot, and a record Jackpot won in the whole country.

Lucky winners Gillian and Adrian Bayford

Lucky winners Gillian and Adrian Bayford

3. € 187 million — although we don’t know the names of the lucky ones who shared this incredible amount, we know for sure that they were not disappointed! Two players hit this huge Jackpot at once in 2013, and each of them received € 93 million.

4. € 185 million — this prize went to a regular married couple from Scotland. The husband worked as a cameraman for a television company, and his wife, Chris, was a nurse in a psychiatric clinic. The lives of these people turned upside down overnight!

Chris and Colin Weir, € 185 million winners

Chris and Colin Weir, € 185 million winners

5. € 183 million — in November 2006, a rather unusual draw took place. At that time, the Jackpot was already increasing for 12 draws, which meant that it should have been drawn in the current one. There was no first category winner, so the grand prize was split between twenty second-category winners. Each lucky person received € 9.6 million.


Even if you are a big fan of games with small Jackpots and simple rules, it is worth at least once in your life to participate in the drawing of the legendary EuroMillions lottery. Rest assured, you won’t regret it! You don’t even have to buy lottery tickets offline; you can try your luck on the Lotto Agent service. By the way, you can also bet on the EuroMillions results there. That way, you don’t even have to pick up your prize from the host country in case of your inevitable win!