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Game: Gnome
Software: Igrosoft
Reels: 5
Lines: 9

Gnome online slot

Gnome slot machine review

Double game:
Bonus game:
Free spins:

As this slot’s name suggests, the game is about a gnome, or dwarf, labouring in a mine on a daily basis. The main symbols a player will encounter here are represented by a set of typical items used by every miner gnome: a pickaxe, helmet, lantern, hammer, and anvil. The return to player ratio is approximately 95 %.

A picture of a smiling gnome plays a role of a wild symbol, which can substitute for any other symbol except for Scatter. The Scatter symbol is represented by a trolley full of gold. You have to catch 3 of these pictures to initiate a bonus round. In this round, you have to pick 4 out of 5 available trolleys in succession; if you come across stones, the bonus round terminates immediately. If the bonus is obtained with the maximum amount bet, the gnome will have one life more.

If you complete this stage successfully, the second one begins, where you have to choose between two chests to get a prize. The amount bet cannot be changed during the bonus round.