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How to Play Casino Games: Rules, Guides, Tips, Terms

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Properly presented the main points in the casino world will be able to give a complete picture of the vision. Good training will allow you to get more benefits and more freely navigate the selection of games.

Today we will tell you about such concepts that need to be used every day. This is not to say that this article is called a complete description of everything, but here we will highlight the main details that allow you to delve into the world of casinos.

Of course, it may happen that someone does not find here the information that he expected to see. In order to resolve this issue, it is possible to leave a message in the form of a commentary, which is excellent for feedback. We will try to expand your horizons and give answers to all your questions.

Free bonuses

Bonus, as the term describes all the bonuses and lucrative offers that are available to all categories of players on a completely free basis.

The welcome bonus is an initial reward for newcomers. Such payment towards the user occurs one-time. Different sites provide sums of different sizes for beginners. Usually the amount includes 50 – 2000 euro or dollars. It is extremely important to pay attention to the conditions when choosing a site where the game will be played in the near future.

This type of bonus can include a standard package or a set of several bonuses that are beneficial to the player. It can include from one to five bonuses of different types. It is worth noting that the welcome bonus has another distinctive feature – it can relate to one of two types:

1. Deposit;
2. No deposit.

Cash deposit bonus is a type of bonus, which at the cost of your deposit, but with a percentage that the site gives back to you for the game. The start of the game starts at twenty-five percent and ends with two hundred. The most popular value for a bonus is one hundred percent. The deposit bonus does not have a large spread, since many sites devote time to holding such games in which you can regularly receive the above-mentioned deposit bonuses.

The second type of welcome bonus implies cash withdrawal for the fulfillment of one condition: filling out personal data during registration. Please note that such manipulations do not require your initial investment. Quite a rare bonus, but if you are faced with such a proposal, then in no case do not neglect this opportunity.

Free Spins. This method of promotion is very popular among the rest. This method does not imply the issuance of funds, but allows free use of slot machines without any investment. The overwhelming number of sites uses this type of bonuses, most often not for the obscure Big Bad Wolf slot, but there are other Free Spins needed for other slots. Free spins also apply to the original promotional package. The number of free spins varies from 10 to 500. If you decide to leave a subscription to the playground’s news feed, you will also receive free spins as a gift for regularly used slots.

“Big spin.” Large rotations operate by analogy with the previous type. The cost for one rotation here is more than one pound, while the classic price of “Frispin” is noticeably less, ranging from a few kopecks to cents. You can pick up large rotations here.

Reload Gift. This type of bonus is issued once a week or month, getting a deposit. The latter, in turn, may be of a regular nature. Also, such a benefit can be part of a random game, about which each playground should be alerted via SMS-mailing or e-mail.

Return of the money. Some online casinos give a part of the cost spent as gambling bets. This can be either a percentage of lost funds or a fixed amount for thirty days. In any case, we recommend to subscribe to this type of bonuses, because none of the players can ever be insured against loss.

The issuance of funds. One of the best gifts from the site. It implies a fixed amount of large-sized money, which is distributed among a large number of users through a draw or goes to one lucky person. For example, ten thousand pounds can go for a gift for fifty different players who have contributed to the game from thirty pounds and above. Lucky ones are determined using random selection algorithms. Funds in this case can be delivered by various methods, so carefully read the conditions for various lucrative offers.

The competitive format of the game is a tournament. Many playgrounds do not neglect the holding of such events. In them, you must reach a leading position in the overall rating system and pick up the winner’s title. The table describes all user results. In order to participate, you should only give your consent by filling out a small form.

Promotion for activity. A loyalty program is also one of the favorite options of many casinos. It involves the issuance of points for certain actions performed within the framework of the site, whether it is a deposit fee or just a constant participation in games of a certain type.

The loyalty points that a player receives during such promotions can be exchanged for gifts, real money or free game iterations.

VIP Club is one of the favorite places for the most active users of online casinos. Not every site can boast the presence of such a union. This privilege separates those players who regularly contribute financially to deposits and spend a lot of time playing. If you spend in such places a lot of time, then this feature is created for you. Dear guests of the club receive a number of privileges and other interesting offers. VIP Club is an individual approach to high-level customers.

Basic gaming terms for slot machines

Bonus Game is a universal feature in the slot machine interface. It translates the user to a special field, in which, upon victory, the possibility of special prizes. The vast majority of slots are equipped with a similar function.

Coin or coin is a terminological representation of the in-game currency needed to play in an online casino. Bought for real money.

JackPot is a large payout that can be received in any slot. You can not find a win more than the size of the jackpot.

Growing jackpot. The growth is due to the increase in users in the vast Internet site. It also happens that the winnings exceed several million, which made some lucky millionaires. These lucky players only get bigger and bigger.

Minimum and maximum rates. Responsible for a range of Coin, which can be put on a rotation or payline. You will not be able to set a size that is less than the minimum or exceeds the maximum. Both parameters are indicated in game conditions. Many slots are characterized by wider ranges in comparison with other competitors.

The game is in a few lines. The procedure, which involves the excess of one winning line. A large number of slots include from three to five gaming lines.

Odds. Responsible for increasing the winning payment. Such multipliers can start from two and end with a few hundred.

The payline is a horizontal zone for playing the game. On this line are displayed characters that are responsible for winning combinations.

Pay grid. This table displays the payout value for all combinations of the above symbols.

Drums “Reels”. They are vertical barrels with pictures, the rotation of which can give a winning combination of symbols.

VKI (Return To Player). It is a percentage of the winnings that can be picked up from a particular slot. If this abbreviation sets ninety-four percent, then it can be interpreted as follows – the average amount that returns the player back is ninety-four pence for one pound sterling. Keep in mind that these figures are averaged for the total number of users. There is a chance that you will get a giant jackpot or vice versa – you will lose money.

Home edge. The value is diametrically opposite to the previous abbreviation. If the size of “House of the edge” is ninety-five percent, then the winning will be equal to the remaining five percent.

The symbol responsible for winning or activating a particular function in a particular slot. Also, Scatter Symbol is responsible for issuing bonuses.

Volatility This is the ratio of the volume of the bet to the regularity of the occurrence of jackpots. If in simple terms, with increasing volatility increases the likelihood of increasing winnings and losses. If the volatility is low, then the game becomes safer, but the opportunity to receive a large winning payout is noticeably reduced.

Universal (wild) symbol. This graphic replaces any of the other game symbols (with the exception of the scatter symbol). Needed to simplify the creation of a winning combination.

Sticky wild symbol. Same in its essence, but retains a fixed position on the barrels during repeated iterations. It also allows you to increase the number of combinations to win.

Spreading wild symbol that engages adjacent rotation barrels.

Expanding wild symbol. Absolutely always applies to the entire drum.

Repeat rotation. It is an optional feature in some of the slots. Allows you to get additional gratuitous rotation to continue the game without investing any money.

General Terms and Conditions of Casino

Bet is not the most pleasant concept, but you cannot do without it in a casino. The bet exists in order to freely carry out the raffle of money time after time, until they leave the casino turnovers during the cashout. It is for this reason that obtaining large bonuses and victories from the site requires special measures.

Mobile casino is either a website adapted for smartphone screens, or a handy application that is available in Google Play Store or Epp Store.

A mobile phone application is a special purpose program that can be easily installed on a mobile device. Typically, such applications are distributed free of charge, but they do not give out the widest range of games.

Accepting conditions means that you agree to take part in specific games played within a specific site. Carefully read the conditions in order to know exactly what these conditions require of you. If you have already made decisions and are ready to take part in all offers, you will need only one click on the phone screen or a quick filling in of an intuitive questionnaire. The registration process does not take your time at all!