You can replenish your PurplePay wallet and then send the money on your online casino account using the most popular methods: cards, wire transfers, vouchers, and SMS. The security of the system is ensured in accordance with general standards; no innovative technologies are used to protect customers’ data and funds. You can replenish your casino … Read more


This payment system is actually a virtual Visa card, which is rather popular thanks to its convenience. It can be accessed not only from a PC but also from a smartphone. Users can log in not only by using their credentials in the form of a login-password pair. You can also create your account through … Read more


Swedbank is one of the largest Swedish banks, which has created its own payment product. Due to the fact that all transactions take place within the bank, a transfer only takes minutes. The system charges no extra commissions from clients who are also the bank’s clients. The majority of the system’s clients live in Sweden … Read more


Online casinos which are willing to accept payments via Neosurf mainly operate in France and Belgium. It is in these countries that Neosurf cards are in demand more than anywhere else. The reason is that the service’s official website is available in French only. This kind of restriction can be a serious obstacle for English-speaking … Read more


GiroPay is an intermediary between online casinos and their customers. That is why the service is available only to a limited number of European residents. To access the system, users are required to have a bank card or an account opened with one of the partner banks. The service offers no separate registration procedure. Upon … Read more


Not everyone can take advantage of this system. Only a person who is a client of a partner bank of the system can use it to transfer funds to an online casino that accepts Sofort. On the other hand, it’s thanks to such a framework that customers of these banks are not required to open … Read more


IDEAL-based online casinos are run only by European gambling establishments. The system has become especially popular in the Netherlands where over 1 bln. payments have already been executed through IDEAL. This is one of the few payment options that do not require downloading third apps or even creating a personal account. Such an approach allows … Read more


Al the payments made through EcoPayz get instantly processed and executed in the presence of the highest safety measures. Depending on their status, all EcoPayz users are divided into five categories: Classic; Silver; Gold; Platinum; VIP. The player’s status affects the amount of commission fees and transaction limits. The initial status comes along with a … Read more


Thanks to EnterCash, gamblers can play in online casinos using their accounts opened with European banks, since over 4,000 banking institutions from 18 European countries have signed cooperation agreements with the payment system. The money transfer algorithm is as simple as possible: being a financial intermediary, the company can process transfers in online casinos that … Read more


To complete the registration process, you will need an email address, phone number and an international bank card. Upon the registration, a PAN code will be issued to you, which you will then have to use on online casinos that accept Click2Pay. Residents of CIS countries may encounter a little difficulty. This is because, immediately … Read more